Employee Perception

Topics: Marriage, MiNT, Household income in the United States Pages: 3 (686 words) Published: February 15, 2013
Rancho: three large vodkas
Fahran: half soda, half water
Raju: if we’re caught, we’re dead
Rancho: what for starters?
Fahran: get double portions
Rancho: leave this here and start some peppy music
Suhas: pia, what the hell? Why are you wearing thi ancient piece of junk? What’ll people say?.. my fiancée a doctor in the making wearing a cheap, 200 l watch. Please take it off. Thank you Lara: hi handsome

Suhas: hey aunty your looking good
Lara: don’t miss my set, darling
Suhas: rubies?
Lara: from mandalay
Suhas: Mandalay … wow!
Lara: hey let’s go meet david,
Suhas: of course
Rancho: excuse me
Lara: yes?
Rancho: flowers….may I take the glass?
Lara: why?
Rancho: so you don’t break it on my head
Lara: why would I do that?
Rancho: for the free advice I’ll now impart
Lara: what?
Rancho: don’t marry that ass
Lara: excuse me?
Rancho: he’s not a human he’s a price tag.. he’ll turn your life into a nightmare of brands and prices. He’ll ruin your life.. your future will be finished.. want a demonstration? Shall I find out the price of his shoes? I won’t ask he’ll announce it himself Suhas: eh what the hell? Mint sauce on my 300 dollar shoes

Rancho: run for your life! It’s a free advice. Take it or leave it?
Suhas: genuine Italian leather hand stitched
Lara: dad, are they your guests?
Virus: my students? What are they doing here?
Lara: hold on dad
Rancho: these beans smell great
Fahran: no room for roti
Rancho: just pile it on
Lara: hi
Rancho: hey
Lara: that was an eye opener. Thankyou so much
Rancho: it was my moral responsibility
Lara: can I ask you for a little more help? Dad won’t let me break off this engagement …you explain so well. Can you give him a demo too?
Rancho: certainly.. raju the mint sauce
Lara: you’re really sweet
Rancho: where’s your daddy?
Lara: right behind you
Raju: all iz well
Lara: run for your life. It’s free advice. Take it or leave it
Virus: what are you doing here?
Rancho: we’ll...
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