Employee Motivation to Achieve Organizational Goals

Topics: Motivation, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Hygiene factors Pages: 14 (2849 words) Published: October 16, 2010

1.1 Introduction
Motivation is the set of forces that cause people to behave in certain ways to raise the individual performance of the people in an organization. Individual performance is generally determined by three things: motivation, ability and the work environment. Among these three determinants motivation is the most important. Motivation plays a vital role to increase productivity, mobilization of work, proper utilization of human resources and proper coordination and combination of work. This study will examine the condition of employee motivation in the Hotel Millennium.

1.2 Objectives of the Study
In every study, there should be some specific objectives and goals. Identifying purpose and objectives is very important. For this, the objectives of this report can be mentioned in the following way— □ To know about employee motivation factors of the Hotel Millennium. □ To compare these employee motivation factors with some motivation theories.

1.3 Scope and Rationale of the Study
In every study, some scopes and rationale are considered. The Hotel Millennium is a renowned hotel of Khulna city. It serves both the domestic and foreign guests. This report is mainly worked with the following point—

□ Employee motivation to achieve the organizational goal of the Hotel Millennium.

1.4 Limitation of the Study
Being a student of MBA it is first initiative for preparing a report on such topic. To prepare this report various aspect of knowledge advantage is needed. But we have faced some inevitable barriers to complete this report. These barriers or limitations, which hinder this work, are as follows—

□ Lack of available data and information related to this topic. □ We had to face several embarrassments during data collection due to seasonal circumstances.

1.5 Methodology
Actually, methodology means the way or manner by which the study is accomplished. It includes some chronological steps that are necessary to complete the study successfully. Mode of operation differs with the nature of the study. This report is primarily based on the primary data and personnel own analytical capacity. The steps that had been followed to finalize this report are mentioned bellow.

Steps of Methodology

1.5.1 Topic selection:
It is the first and foremost step for preparing a report. We have selected the topic “Employee Motivation to Achieve Organizational Goal: A Case Study on The Hotel Millennium Ltd.”

1.5.2 Field selection:
A related field is the precondition for any study work. So, an area must be selected to prepare a report. For this study we have selected the field- Employee Motivation to Achieve Organizational Goal.

1.5.3 Conceptualization about the topic:
When we are going to prepare a study report, we should have some basic concept regarding the concerned topic. Here the report is related to employee motivation. At first we clear our concept regarding different aspect of this topic.

1.5.4 Data collection:
Data is an essential factor of a study report. Data may be collected from primary and secondary sources. But maximum data related to this study are collected from primary sources. To collect data we made a small sample size of 16 employees of the Hotel at different level of the organization (Top level-2, Middle level-4, and Lower level-10).

1.5.5 Data processing and analysis:
All the data were processed and analyzed manually. They were presented in terms of tables, figures as well as written scripts. In this context, surveyed primary data regarding the topic are analyzed in a constructive way.

2.7 Final report preparation:
It is the most important part of the study report. This report is prepared properly and in a good manner. All the chapters are chronologically arranged. When all the chapters are analyzed completely, then the final report is prepared.


2.1 Introduction
Motivation is the set of forces that...
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