Employee Assistance Program

Topics: Employment, Workplace wellness, Health care Pages: 2 (388 words) Published: November 14, 2010
Every company should have the employee assistance program. Federal employees and government employee are required to have access to the employee assistance program. This program can benefit all employers’ employees that need help in a lot of ways in any organization. It will help strengthen the health of employees in the workplace by giving a confidential assessment in the program. A great way for an organization to show that they care about their employees is to offer employee assistance program. To ensure employees will perform at their best is to provide full service for professional support, mental support, and education to employees. Getting an employee help with this program can prevent loss of productivity, and prevent unexpected sick calls. Mondy explains employee assistance program as “a comprehensive approach that many organizations have taken to deal with numerous problem areas such as burnout, alcohol and drug abuse, and other emotional disturbances” (362). Employee assistance program is company benefit funded by the employer. An employee assistance program main objective is to keep the workforce employed and productive. At any time an employee may experience difficulties that can seriously affect their life style. When this type of situation arises in the workplace he employee service program should be offered to provide many services to help the employee. These services can be given “in-house or outsourced” (Mondy 362). The most important service that is rendered in this program is on mental health which included substance abuse counseling. Some companies offer “financial and legal advice, referrals for day care and elder care and a host of other services, including assistance with marital or family difficulties, job performance problems, stress, and grief” (Mondy 362). This program offers a valuable tool to management for employees and family members that deal with everyday problems and serious issues that may occur. These services can...
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