Emotional Quotient

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  • Published : August 31, 2010
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Name:Andre Suryana Yahya
Student No.:DipBA1509

Emotional quotient is the ability to sense, understand, and effectively apply the power of your emotions to build relationships compatibility (Estes, 2009). Emotional Intelligence is one of emotional quotient which is very important to allow us to be successful in managing our lives, environment, and the people around us since EQ will helps us to control our selves better, make a good relationships and business deal that will impact our life so much. Emotional intelligence helps us to build our life.

Generally, emotional intelligence divided into two parts, Intrapersonal emotional quotient and Interpersonal emotional quotient. Intrapersonal EQ is about a competence to manage and understand our self better. While Intrapersonal EQ is divided into three parts again, self awareness, self regulation, and motivation. Then, Interpersonal EQ is about how you manage the society, and it is about the relation between you and people around you. Interpersonal EQ is divided into two parts, Empathy and social skills.

Basically, the importances of emotional intelligence are to help people to know their own abilities or strength and weaknesses. By knowing our emotional intelligence, we will be able to know where our strengths at are and our limits. It also help people to handle their works. If we don’t know our own abilities and limits, we tend to think that we are the best, we can handle everything well, and over self confident. All of those kind of thinking can lead us to a frustration and failure life. As we do not recognize who we are, don’t recognize our self. The ability to recognize our self is called self awareness which is a part of EQ by Daniel Goldman.

EQ also helps people to handle their selves better with the change of emotions. A person’s emotion can changes over times. If a person’s mood is changing, EQ can help to...
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