Emotional Intelligence

Topics: Emotional intelligence, Intelligence quotient, Intelligence Pages: 3 (866 words) Published: November 10, 2012
The importance of Emotional Intelligence is something that needs to be recognized. Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify, assess, and control the emotions of oneself, and others. Emotional intelligence is a central parent of our everyday lives, both in professional and personal enviornments , and as such it is important to become aware of exactly how you rate your own emotional intelligence.

After the the emotional intelligence test that was provided on www.ihhp.com/testsites.htm, I learned more about myself and how I respond to those around me. As I was taking the test I realized that much of my emotional intelligence is not only concerned with my own feelings and actions but how others effect me.

My emotional intelligence score was a sixty two. I was quite pleased overall. I appear to have basic skills when it comes to identifying , percievinng and expressing emotions in myself and others. However there is still a great deal of room to improve on this core ability. By improving my skills in this area of emotional intelligence , I will be in a better position to read others, understand how they feel and effectivly identify my own emotions.My results detailed that I am a person who is driven by high performance and am very goal oriented. This is absolutely true of myself. It also explained that I need to take time out in my day to reflect on what is happening and take a time out for personal evaluations. Once again, this was right on the mark. I am driven by my performance and the performance of those around me that I rarely take a moment to stop and reflect on what is happening.I found this test to be quite enlightening and helpful to identify parts of my emotional intelligence that I am in need of strengthening.

Emotional intelligence links strongly with concepts of love and spirituality and brings compassion and humanity to work. Emotional intelligence is important for several reasons. The first is that it takes into account the Multiple...
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