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  • Published : May 6, 2010
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In today’s society there are many different subculture tendencies amongst young people, they are various and interpenetrating, but to the bigger part of them is leading the element music and above all such kind of music, that is with a history of many years, transformed in classic for many generations. But recently one very different from the entire subcultures tendencies phenomenon, called emo style, especially strongly caused a sensation. It is different not only at the way of clothing, at the type of music preferences, at the type of behavior, but it is different at the way, it understands the world and itself. It is one “sad” subculture to a great degree namely because of the way, it perceives the ambient reality. The emo subculture is a combination from the punk rock and the hardcore tendencies. From etymological point of view the name emocore comes from emotional hardcore and its roots are in Washington in the middle of 80s. For founders of the emocore tendency could be shown Rites of Spring, Embrace and Rain. Gradually with the notion emocore they start to define themselves hardcore punk bands, which start to add melodic elements to their songs. The sadness, the love, the sense of guilt is the basic topic in the lyrics of the emocore. The emo style could be qualified as „rock music with emotional-lyric elements”. But this couldn’t be a final definition, because the debates about the definition of the emo subculture still continue.

The emo culture continues to develop and in 90s till today it continues to be popular for the young people. A whole teenage generation succeeds the name emo and the young people start to call themselves emos. The melodramatic behavior and clothes introduce a new taste to the music. This subculture is maybe one of the most popular and the most obsessing the mind of young people today. At first considered as a music genre, the emocore today is a subculture phenomenon that unifies music, behavior, fashion, style and way of...
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