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Topics: IPhone, Apple Inc., Caroline Botelho Pages: 4 (1280 words) Published: April 30, 2013
EMM 5604
18/04/2013 22/3/2013
Individual Assignment 1

Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
Faculty of Engineering

EMM 5604
Lecturer: Dr. Nawal Aswan B. Abdul Jalil

NameMatrix No.
Mohd Khairoon b. Mohd. Taha GS 35876

Almost two years ago i.e. 21/06/2011, I bought my tablet (iPad) thru online as my first ever Apple product I'm own. I'm not even dream to buy any tablet before because out of budget, but I decided to have an iPad after most of my colleague trending at office have one. Every time I’m staring at them, they will ask me when I'll buy mine indirectly, than from that influence I make decision to finally pull the trigger on an iPad2. At that time Steve Job was very influential man on the earth and very famous personality, everybody talking about tablet gadget as there are new launching of iPad2. But how I managed to own one as I'm facing money-constraint budget during that period (after car periodical major service - cost more than RM700, plus with road tax & insurance renewal following month ±RM1K, no bonus announcement from my company, and need spare money to celebrate fasting month and coming Hari Raya). Yes, I do make soft-loan from my employer with half amount own schedule installment to my credit card to achieve my desired trending. From above situation, I never regret to own my iPad today because this tablet makes my day informative and fast to access information. I was pleasantly surprised to see how quickly I became comfortable with an iPad, suitable with my occupation as engineer that influence my use patterns. I'm also share my happiness and excitement with my nephew and my niche every time I meet them as both of them will ask to play their Angry Bird games. With iPad I never facing problem that happen when I'm using my Netbook. Overheated - suddenly turned off, starting and shutting down the operating system lag time and 'hang' problem. Honestly, most of the day...
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