Embroideries on Gujrat

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Embroideries of Gujarat: ARI work
Printing and embroidery in Gujarat reveals a cultural tradition that has evolved through centuries. Most of the best and earliest textiles were created in Gujarat. Printing and embroidery in Gujarat has a huge world market. 

Varieties of embroidery in Gujarat include:
* Toran, the embroidered doorway decoration with hanging flaps, which is said to ventilate good luck. * Pachhitpatis, hanged from the corners as a welcome symbol to the visitors. * Chaklas, used as furniture covers.

* Bhitiya, a wall hanging.
* Abhala, where small mirror discs are fixed with closely worked silken thread. Printing and embroidery in Gujarat is an inherent talent that passes through generations. They excel in making the following: * cholis (bodices)

* gaghras (skirts)
* odhnis (shawls)
* bed spreads
* bags
* wall hanging
* Variety of ornamental pieces for home decor.

Source: http://www.blog.gaatha.com/?p=1467#content
Ari work and its origin

Once adorned by the royalties of the country, on the sheen of silk and the softness of velvet, the designs always would stand out like a peacock on a rainy day. Of Persian motifs enthralling the costumes and wares creating a luster of luxury and elegance, the art of aari embroidery, zari and zardosi has come a long way, since its royalty days.

Ari embroidery is very old and known for its heavy work. It is done with a cobbler's stitch, which needs much skill and practice. The royal ladies of Kutch who were moved by the Persian motifs like peacock and flowers became great patrons of Ari embroidery. 

Rabari Embroidery is the most conspicuous work and available easily. The Kutchi Rabaris employ mirrors of different shapes and sizes. 

Applique or Katab is another form of decorative needlework, more pronounced in Saurashtra, it is done with pieces of colored and patterned fabric, which are nicely cut to make the motif and then stitched on to a plain...
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