Lion Hunt of Ashurbanipal

Topics: Sculpture, Left-handedness, The Lion King Pages: 2 (763 words) Published: April 24, 2012
At first glance of the Lion hunt of Ashurbanipal ca. 645-635 B.C. (Frankfort 1996, 187) one will notice that there are three figures; two male human figures and one lion. One would notice first that the middle figure which is Ashurbanipal the main focus of the work of art because he is doing all the actions. It is also apparent that the Ashurbanipal is the main subject because it is the largest figure in the work. This work is done in stone using low relief technique. The lion and the servant are in supporting role to make Ashurbanipal standout from the rest of the composition. In the relief Ashurbanipal is highly decorated both in appearance and stature; his head is draped with a crown that has a flower design, which also reoccurs on his tunic from his waist down to the first break. His hair is neatly formed under the crown and his beard is neatly formed denoting his status as someone of power due to its size and style. His left hand is out-stretched grabbing the lions throat while his right hand holding a sword thrusting it into the lions abdomen. One would also notice the carved detail in his right hand showing the forearms muscles while holding the hilt of the sword. Also in his left arm he is holding a bow around his shoulders. Ashurbanipal’s upper portion of his tunic is detailed with horizontal and vertical lines which make it look like it is some form of stippling. The lower portion of his tunic is detailed with geometric flower shapes and has seven breaks total. The other six breaks have circular shapes or diagonal lines. His calves are also detailed with some form of hatched texture perhaps some form of chainmail. This figure is wearing some form of footwear that is bound by threads wrapped around his ankle to his calves. The lion is to the right of Ashurbanipal standing on his two hind legs in an attack stance. The lion is perhaps just as detailed as Ashurbanipal. One first notice how detailed the lions main is and how realistic the face is...
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