Embedding Functional Skills

Topics: Photography, Focal length, F-number Pages: 1 (281 words) Published: February 3, 2011

Functional skills play a big part in the teaching of photography. The subject requires the skills of spoken and written English and the science of photography is full of numeracy, on top of that we have the new digital range of cameras that are constantly changing.

Embedding these skills into a specific lesson could be achieved by asking the learners to visit the library and research some photographers that have been influenced by a photographer that you introduce them to, make sure that the learners write down their findings. The learners could then come back to the class and present a quick report to the rest of the group on those photographers.

Photography is a very mathematical science and numeracy is a constant in the teaching of this subject, for instance, the focal length of a lens and the depth of a field in a photograph are mathematical equations. To accompany these a handout which the learners can keep as a record, would be very helpful. Examples of depth of field are needed as an aid to these mathematics to help with different learning styles and differing abilities to understand such equations.

ICT is present all the time as most learners now have their own digital SLR’s. There is a constant need to teach things such as photoshop and website skills. A photograph in a camera needs to be downloaded and saved as an original file on a computer and then it can act as a negative. You cannot teach a learner photography without functional skills, they are indeed embedded in the photographic process.

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