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Sophisticated external wall insulation
Rockwool RockShield external wall insulation offers triple value - outstanding thermal and weather protection plus an attractive exterior for new build and refurbishment projects. The RockShield system is produced from renewable volcanic rock that keeps energy bills low as well as being kind to the environment. There are a number of options in thickness and fixing methods to meet different substrate conditions. Decorative coats and specifically developed paints are available in a wide range of textures and colours, ensuring the best possible finish for your building’s character, context and type. The following NBS Plus clause includes RockShield :


Rockwool RockShield
Rockwool RockShield facade lamellas


Size: 1000 × 200mm

Fire safe, Euroclass A2

Thickness: Available in thicknesses from 30mm to

Dimensionally stable

300mm in 10mm increments

Low maintenance
Wide range of colourfast finishes

These are generally adhesive fix and may therefore be

Minimises cold bridges

used on substrates that are problematical for

Suitable for all exposure zones

mechanical fix. They are ideally suited to new-build

Suitable for new build and refurbishment work

constructions with a height limit of 20m.

Base coat options
Product properties and design

RockShield TC

Dimensions and product details

This is a thin coat system with a total thickness of
between 6mm and 8mm.

Typical weights for Rockwool RockShield systems
(100mm Rockwool dual density (DD) slab)

RockShield LW
This is a thicker coat system with a total depth of 8 to
12mm offering a higher level of tolerance on uneven

Weights (kg/m²)


Adhesive mortar



Rockwool DD slab



Base coat



Decorative coat*



imparted to thick sand or cement renders. Both systems




include glass fibre reinforcing mesh for added strength.

*Decorative coat weight will alter with grain size

Both RockShield TC and LW can be classified as thin
coat systems which have a high degree of flexibility and
are not subject to the temperature stresses which are

High impact coat
For areas which are likely to be subject to high levels of

Insulation options
Rockwool RockShield dual density slabs
Size: 1200 × 600mm
Thickness: Available in thicknesses from 30mm* 200mm in10mm increments Rigid slabs are adhesive and mechanically fixed.
* 30 and 40mm thick slabs are mono density products.

impact, an additional high impact coat can be applied to
both the above systems.

Rockwool RockShield
It is based on quartz, a natural weather-resistant
material, using an organic binder. Its excellent vapour
permeability properties enable the whole of the
RockShield system to breathe, helping to eliminate
condensation problems. Because of its highly water
repellent nature, any surface contamination is washed
away by rainwater and the finish retains its colour

Paint finishes
Colorsil paint is silicon-based and available in the same
range colours as the decorative coats. It is totally water
resistant and highly vapour permeable.

Decorative coat options

Installation Guidance

Installation is only carried out by Rockwool approved
This product is supplied in 25kg tubs, ready mixed,

installers who receive full product and application

ensuring perfect colour matching.

training. Please always contact us to confirm that your
supplier is qualified. Approved installers welcome

Textured finishes
Silcoplast is available in a grained texture with 1.5, 2.5

this verification.
UK: +44 871 222 1780 Eire: +353 18911055

and 3.5mm sized grains and a dragged texture with 2
and 3mm grain sizes.

Rockwool Limited provides post-installation checks....
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