Fruit Fly Genetics

Topics: Faux painting, Painterwork, Brush Pages: 4 (887 words) Published: April 7, 2013
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Brushed PearlThe Brushed Pearl technique imparts a dimensional iridescent finish to walls. This faux finish is subtle, incorporating gentle tones for a muted effect. It's simple to apply and will add elegance and sophistication to any room. Materials and Tools NeededHere's everything you'll need for this painting technique. Valspar® Signature Colors® Satin Interior Base Coat in desired color | Valspar® Signature Colors® Brushed Pearl in desired color | Paint Roller with 3/8" nap and Paint Tray | Plastic Float Trowel | Painter's Tape and Drop Cloth | Practice Board (optional) | Valspar® Signature® Colors Faux Clear Protective Finish (optional) |   |

Paint TechniqueValspar Signature Colors Satin Interior Base Coat Step 1. Tape off all areas where you do not want the finish applied. Apply Valspar base coat with a roller to the entire surface. Allow to dry overnight. Valspar Signature Colors Brushed Pearl

Step 2. Brush a 3 inch border ("cut-in") around the ceiling, floor, trim edges and corners. Note: Do not cut-in around the entire room at once as this can cause a banded appearance. Rather, brush out the edges in sections. This ensures a wet edge during rolling for an...
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