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Scope of Media And Entertainment Sector

The Media and Entertainment (E&M) sector can be regarded as one of the most influential industries. Unlike some other industries, the E&M sector enjoys direct interaction with people and hence, it has great power to influence people’s mind. Often the industry remains the driving force in building public opinion and determining its trends. Like the other countries of the world, the media industry also plays a very crucial role in India. The media and entertainment industry has come a long way to grow into a modern sector in the country. The large Indian population has work as a stimulant for the growth of the Indian media industry. The slacking grip of the government and the introduction of satellite channels have helped towards promoting the free media environment in the country. History of media in India

Media industry of the country is very diverse in nature. Both the print and electronic media enjoy great penetration in India. With improved infrastructure and affordability of computers the on-line media too is catching up fast. Hence, India presents great scope for E&M industry development. However, the development of media in the country also has a long and colorful history. Following are few facts of interest about the historical development of media industry in India. * The journey of print media in India had begun during 1780. The Bengal Gazette was the first newspaper that was published in India during the British rule. |

* By the year 1950 the total number of newspapers in India grew to 214, among which 44 where published in English language and the rests were in vernaculars. * Radio broadcasting in India started in 1927.

* The radio broadcasting in India was initiated by the Radio Club of Bombay. * The broadcasting of All India Radio or Akashvani started during 1936. * The first FM broadcasting in India started in the year 1977 at Madras. * Broadcasting of television in India started from a makeshift studio of Delhi on 15 September 1959. * By 2010 India has over 500 satellite channels broadcasting their programs to Indian viewers. * The Indian Film Industry had earned US$ 1.9 billion in revenues in 2010, The above facts show that the growth of the media industry has been phenomenal in India. The large volume of population with access to both print and electronic media represents a tremendous growth opportunity before the industry. Today the Indian E&M industry is standing at the inflexion point, which will help it to grow as a potential player in the global E&M industry.  

Career scope in the E&M industry
The economic liberalization and free economic policies that was introduced by the government during early 90s have helped the E&M industry of India to grow to maturity. The open economic policies of the government have given a complete makeover to the entertainment industry of the country. During 2009 and 2010 the Indian E&M industry has grown by US$ 12.9 billion and US$ 14.4 billion respectively; registering a growth rate of 11%. The industry is expected to grow by 13% in 2011 to generate business of US$ 16.2 billion. These trends demonstrate a tremendous growth potential by the industry in creating employment. It can be assumed that the media and entertainment sector is going to become one of the largest employment generators of the country. With the spurting of print, radio, television and online media there is going to be a huge demand for skilled and talented professionals. Young professionals seeking career opportunities in the sector may find demands in the following segments, * Print and electronic media

* Press information bureau
* Advertising and media agencies
* Central Information Service
* PR and event management
* Online media
The massive investment plans to improve the ways of communication of the country is further going to boost the scopes of rewarding career in...
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