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Topics: Diode, Voltage, The Circuit Pages: 2 (393 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Laboratory 3: Diode Characteristics
Instructions: Unless otherwise mentioned in the experiment instructions, all experiments are performed both in SPICE and physical implementation. The results need to be reported from both the SPICE and physical measurements. 1 Current voltage characteristics of diodes

1. Design a circuit to measure the forward-bias current voltage characteristics of diode as shown in Fig 3 using Circuitlab.

Figure 1: A SPICE circuit for plotting
current voltage characteristics of diodes.
2. Obtain the characteristics of D1N4148 by SPICE simulation. 3.1. Simulate the power diode using DC sweep option
3.2. Vary the Vin from -10 V to 10 V with a step of 0.1 V and obtain the graph Vout vs Vin. 3. Repeat the experiment with its physical implementation (on breadboard) 4.3. Construct this circuit on breadboard

4.4. Vary the Vin from -10 to 10 with step of 1V and measure respective Vout for each of the voltages. Fill these values in a table 4.5. Plot the Vout vs Vin using obtained values
2 Current voltage characteristics of a Zener diode
Simulate the characteristics of Zener diode. Make sure to include the breakdown region, as well as the forward-bias characteristics. SPICE simulation results need only be reported.

Figure 2: A SPICE circuit for Zener diode
3 Transfer characteristics of diode circuits
1. Use the AC source and time domain option
2. Setup the circuits (1), (2), (3) and (4) from Figure 3 3. Measure, and record their responses to 1kHz sinusoidal voltage with amplitude of 5V for circuits (1), (2) and (3), and with amplitude of 10V for circuit (4). NOTE: The output voltage in circuit (2) is across the resistor, none of its terminals are grounded. Take this into consideration to avoid mistakes such as: (a) presenting the voltage drop across the resistor and D2 as the output voltage and (b) short circuiting D2 by connecting the ground of a cathode-ray...
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