Electronic Fund Transfer

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Revista Informatica Economică nr.3(47)/2008

A Study Looking the Electronic Funds Transfer
Codruţa POENAR Department of Economics Informatics Faculty of Economics and Business Administration Babeş-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, România cpoenaru@webmail.econ.ubbcluj.ro The aim of this paper is to present the characteristics of the most important electronic funds transfer in the world, both interperson and interbank. We identified the following informations: location, type, owner, operator, number of transactions, transsactions value, clients, financial scheme and the message format. Keywords: electronic funds transfer, ACH, SWIFT, CHIPS, TARGET. he electronic funds have appeared as a necesity in the nowadays financial industry. The most important reasons are the following: [Patriciu et. all,2004] transaction processing low cost (about 1 dolar/transaction); low time processing (some minutes to maximum 1 day); low risk in the financial messages transmission (private, personal communication networks). Definition: The electronic fund transfer system (EFT - Electronic Funds Transfer) represent a set of devices and specific procedures used to make possible the movement of the monetary flux from the payer to the payee, in an exclusive electronic medium. [Patriciu et. all,2004] Electronic Funds Transfer between persons. Generalities The electronic funds transfer between perWestern Union Characteristics Location: Owner: Operator: Services:


sons are made using the two well-known services, MoneyGram and Western Union. They suppose that the sender and the receiver are in an agency where is the logo of the two services. The location of these systems are banks. The money transfer made by using the two systems isn’t especially the result of an commercial act. So it not suppose a payment, because there is a simple money sending from a person to another. Electronic Fund Transfer systems between persons implementations We will present the most important characteristics of the two services mentioned above. We used the informations from the book [Vasilache,2004] and the two companies sites.

(www.westernunion.com) Description International First Data Corporation 225.000 locations in over 195 countries Money transfer and messages services A sender (a person) gives to the operator in an agency the money he want to transfer, he mentions the name of the receiver that will receive the money and the agency address. At the sum will be added comissions (10%-15% from the value). The operator will initiate the transaction using a computer and will comunicate to the sender the MTCN (Money Transfer Central Number), which is the number of the money transfer transaction. The money could be spended in different currencies and could be received in local curency or US $. The spender will comunicate to the receiver this number and the receiver could take the money from the destination agency using this number. He must known the value, the sender identity and the location from where he receives the money. The message is a payment order to the bank where the agency act.

Financial scheme:

Message format:

Revista Informatica Economică nr.3(47)/2008


Moneygram Characteristics Location: Owner: Operator: Services: Financial scheme: Message format:

Description International Viad 60.000 locations in over 100 countries MoneyGram® money orders – payment order MoneyGram® money transfers – money order ExpressPayment® emergency bill payments – bills The same The message is a payment order to the bank where the agency act.

Electronic Funds Transfer between banks. Generalities The banks that use the electronic funds transfer service obey to the same rules as follows: the data format; the transfer details; the time table; the commisions; special conditions etc. All the grown economies have one or more such a services. At this moment they try to unfied these systems (SWIFT - Society for Worldwide Interbank...
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