Information Technology Acts Paper

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  • Published : April 14, 2013
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Information Technology Acts Paper
Aaron Smith
April 9, 2013
Gordon Jensen

Information Technology Acts Paper
This paper will explore two information technology acts; along with what ethical issues and information technology advances that caused the acts to be in place. The two acts that will be covered will be the electronic funds transfer act of 1978, and the children’s internet protection act of 2000. According to Rainer and Cegielski (2011) “Ethics refers to the principles of right and wrong that individuals use to make choices to guide their behaviors. Deciding what is right or wrong is not always easy or clear-cut. For this reason, many companies and professional organizations develop their own codes of ethics. A code of ethics is a collection of principles that is intended to guide decision making by members of the organization”.(Chapter 3, Ethics, Privacy, and information security). The electronic funds transfer act was put in place in 1978, it is also known as (EFTA). The electronic funds transfer act was enacted to protect both the consumers and the banking institutions when the consumers use electronic technology to manage their finances. Electronic technologies have replaced most paper transactions. This act provides requirements for consumers and banking institutions. The six basic services that are covered under this act are; ATM transactions, direct deposits, pay-by-phone, internet transactions, debit card transactions, and electronic check conversions (“”, 2013). The electronic funds transfer act helps protect all those that are involved in technology related banking. Without this act in place, some consumers may have a harder time being ethical about the transactions he or she has done. On the other hand, banking institutes are held to a higher standard, decreasing unethical choices. This act helps lay down an ethical foundation for all parties involved. In 2000 congress enacted the children’s internet protection act or the...
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