Egypt: Red Sea Sustainable Tourism

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  • Published : November 8, 2011
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EGYPT: Red Sea Sustainable Tourism
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At present, natural-based tourism is widely popular. For instance, over 1.2 million tourists visit the Red Sea coast in Egypt annually, bringing in over $1.2 billion in foreign exchange and generating more than 275,000 jobs. But, while natural-based tourism provides considerable economic benefits for the country, region and community, its rapid expansion has also had detrimental environment to natural resources. Natural resource depletion and environmental degradation has become a serious problem for the government and stakeholders in tourism-rich region. This article provides a case study about how the government and USAID as the stakeholders assure the future tourism development in the southern Red Sea preserves the environmental resources by proposing development of a land use management plan identifying zones for different types and levels of development and preservation. It is a good example to learn more about the strategy in natural-based tourism development for sustainable tourism’s sake. USAID make a strategy in preserving and developing Red Sea coast by at first uniting the strategies from other parties such as the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA), the Tourism Development Authority (TDA), the Governorate of the Red Sea and produce the common strategy for contributing to the sustained health and vitality of environmental, economic and social development in Egypt. The strategies is presented as follows: * Design and implement protective policies and zoning for environmentally sensitive areas. * Develop and disseminate environmentally sound practices for the tourism sector from design and construction to operational phases. * Develop strategic communications and education campaigns to increase understanding, acceptance, and adoption of environmental policy measures by relevant constituencies Each strategy has own achievement and directly impact to the improvement in...
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