Operations and Environment- EMS System

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Executive Summary

The aim of this report is to create, present and defend a suitable Environmental Management System (EMS) for implementation at our chosen hotel, which would be the Shangri La Hotel in Sydney. Over this report, we will discuss what an EMS System is, and its benefits to the company, the current strategies Shangri La has Implemented towards the Environmental movement, what makes and effective design and the relationship of it with Sales Profitability and as well as an evaluation of the changing nature of operations. Along this report, we will also discuss some of our recommendations for the property.


1. Introduction

2. Introduction of property

3. Environmental Management System (EMS)

4. Design

a. Connection with Sales Profitability
b. Elements of Effective Design

5. Long Term Advantages

a. What is sustainable tourism?
b. Economic Benefits
c. Social Benefits

6. Current Environmental Management & Principles

a. Waste Management
b. Water Management
c. Energy Management

7. Evaluation of the changing nature of operations
a. Operations Management
b. Environment Management

8. Recommendation

As stated by Browne, 2006, “The hospitality industry will no longer be able to ignore its environmental responsibilities as it will have to respond to a number of pressures. For example, the “green tourist” will demand “green” accommodation; legislation with regard to the disposal of waste has implications for the hospitality industry; and the continued increase in energy costs will necessitate reduction in usage.”

Therefore, the Environmental Management System is becoming more known in the tourism and hospitality industry over the globe. Almost all hotels have begun using it in varying degrees. It is a way for the management to deal with and control possible effects on the environment as well as its activities, products or services.

Introduction of property
In 1971, Robert Kuok was inspired to establish and name his hotel, Shangri-La, from a famous novel, Lost Horizon (1993). Shangri-La itself has a meaning of tranquillity and serenity. Shangri-La hotel is a worldwide and well-known 5 star hotel group that is based in Hong Kong. With a total of 83 properties and 34,000 room inventories, Shangri-La hotels have expanded their brand throughout Asia Pacific, North America, Europe and also the Middle East, with more hotels around Asia and UK being under development. Every aspect in the Shangri-La chain hotels should follow the standard by the developers of Shangri-La hotel. In order to prove to society that Shangri-La has a high standard of management and service, Shangri-La achieved many awards in the different regions and different categories. Shangri-La hotel not only create strategies to generate more revenue but also create a plan how to minimise the damage to environment as well as sustain the earth. By applying the Environmental Management Systems to many of their hotels in the world, Shangri-La committed to give a good effort to nature as well as to their guests and also to ensuring all the staffs to apply EMS in their daily basis, Shangri-La promotes and implements the environmental awareness to the guests and to staffs. On the other hand, Shangri-La hotel Sydney also show their commitment to sustain the environment in 5 different areas; climate change, waste disposal management, ozone depletion, water use management and indoor air quality. Further discussion about how Shangri-La hotel Sydney to sustain the environment will be conducted in this report.

Environmental Management System (EMS)

Nowadays, many luxurious hotel brands have presented to society that they are currently applying EMS to their daily activities. However, only a few people know and understand what the meaning and function of EMS is, in hospitality and tourism industry.

Hospitality and...
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