Effects on Starvation

Topics: United States, Poverty, Malnutrition Pages: 2 (544 words) Published: March 5, 2013
Dinah Matthews

Based on the research the main thing was where does starvation take place? It takes place in different continents, countries, and states. They will be named below. Most starvation takes place in Africa and Asia; three-quarters of all hungry people live in rural areas, mainly in the villages of Asia and Africa. Overwhelmingly dependent on agriculture for their food, these populations have no alternative source of income or employment. As a result, they are vulnerable to crises. Many migrate to cities in their search for employment, swelling the ever-expanding populations of shanty towns in developing countries. The country with the most starvation is India. They have tried to help them but they still want to be at the bottom. Diseases are very rare their and they cause a lot of death. Also some of them dumpster dive if they don’t have anything better to do, or if they don’t feel like carrying beans to their family. The states with the most starvation are the United States and Africa. Starvation rates in the United States are usually not recorded cause of the relationship of the event. Usually speaking most people do not starve to death in America. As a mixture of government food programs and charities help to make sure of this. Still Americans do have a serious problem with starvation. Starvation in America rather rare instances that it does happen is not usually a warning of shortage but rather a mixture of other social issues. The continent with the most starvation is in Africa it’s basically caused from hunger and diseases. Hunger and many other effects cause the immune system to weaken making the body more at risk to other diseases. These diseases, including aids kill the older people, and those who work in the fields to grow the food. When those people die only the younger kids are left to fight for themselves and because they don’t have a parent or adult, they are not able to continue with enough food .Also, because the Infant...
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