Urban Agriculture in and around Monrovia

Topics: Food security, Poverty, Agriculture Pages: 4 (1146 words) Published: February 27, 2011
Urban Agriculture in and around Monrovia, Liberia
Timothy Kortu

Since the end of the war that raged from 1989 to

2003, Liberia has suffered from chronic food insecure and basic socio-economic infrastructure. Urban urban poverty, improve food security and enhance urban waste management in Monrovia and other Liberian cities. Recently the government acknowledging food security in the country.

rity, due to the destruction of its agricultural sector agriculture provides a strategy to help reduce

edged the importance of urban agriculture in

Agriculturehasalwaysbeenthekeytofoodsecurity in both urban and rural areas of Liberia. Before the conflict,approximately80percentofthepeopleofLiberia derivedtheirlivelihoodsfromfarmingalone.Afterthecivil waranddecadesofpredatoryregimes,Liberiatodayisoneof themostfood-insecurecountriesintheworld,withonethird ofthepopulationundernourishedandover75percentliving belowtheuniversallyestablishedpovertylineof1USDper day.ItisrankedasoneofthelowestcountriesintheUNDP Human Development Report, which covers various sector including employment, income, health, education, gender equalityandchildwelfare(UNDP,2007).TheinterimPoverty ReductionStrategyofLiberia(2007)highlightsagriculture asoneofthemajoreconomicsectorsthathasthepotential toresuscitatetheeconomyandcreatesignificantjobopportunitiesthatcouldmakeanimpactinaddressingthehigh unemployment.

erswhoweredemobilizedinLiberiaandahugepopulation ofwar-affectedpeopleincludingIDPs,repatriatesandrural families who migrated to Monrovia in order to escape poverty.Manyofthesemigrantswerefarmersbeforecoming to Monrovia, but lack the basic skills necessary to secure employment in other sectors. The education gap experiencedbymostLiberianyouthshasalsocreatedasignificant dearthof...
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