Effects on Heart Rate Before and After Exercise

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The effect of exercise on heart rate

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Abstract -Aims - This study is to ascertain, if there is an effect on heart rate after exercise. This is being done to see, if there is a difference between resting heart rate and heart rate after performing exercise.

Method and results - The study was compiled of seven female students from the University of Huddersfield. For the exercise a step was used, a polar heart rate monitor was used for each participant with an independent assessor timing the participants, and recording the readings. Results of the study showed there was an increase in heart rate when performing mild exercise.

Conclusion – Exercise has an effect on heart rate. This study showed there was an increase in all the participants.


) The area of study was based on exercise and heart rate, to establish whether there is an increase in heart rate after exercise. The hypothesis of the study was whether exercise will increase the heart rate therefore a null hypothesis would be that there will be no increase in heart rate. Has health professionals we need to know what effect exercise can have on heart rate, in exercise the bodies demand for oxygen goes up which in turn raises the heart rate (Tortora et al, 2008). The heart shows how a body is functioning, in a healthy person the variability of the heart rate shows an increase or decrease dependant on the type of activity been performed (La Cruz et al, 2007

Literature Review

There has been studies on the effect exercise has on heart rate. One of these studies (Shalnova. et al, 1995), this was a prevalence study, to determine the blood pressure, and heart rate response during exercise, in men and women in the USA, Canada and Russia lipid research clinics. The tests were carried out in Lip Research Clinics exclusively set up for the tests. The centres were based in the US, Canada and Russia. The Individuals selected were from a wide geographical area and socioeconomic backgrounds. Both male and female participants from an age range of 40 to 59 years were recruited. The study does not state, whether the same researchers were used in all the centres. The majority of the tests were carried out in US test centres which shows the tests were more relevant to the US participants.

The results show there was a difference, in resting heart rate and pre exercise blood pressure with lowest readings being from the Russian participants. The study took into account predisposing illness and conditions, and also some medications. Participants who had evidence of Cardio Vascular Disease, or who were receiving blood pressure medication were excluded from the study. Those who could not use a treadmill for at least one minute were also excluded. The results show that there was a higher fitness level with the Russian men, however it also states this could be due to having a higher level of physical employment type rather than exercise.

Another study showed the effect of heart rate during a stress test in obese patients (Gondoni et al, 2008). This showed the increase in heart rate in both obese and non obese patients. The participants were selected on the basis of BMI and training status. The participants were separated into groups one being classified as normal/overweight the second being unfit obese and the third being trained obese. This study was carried out at San Giuseppe Hospital – Istituto Auxologio Italiano having been approved by the ethics committee of the hospital and each participant giving written consent. This study shows there was not a significant difference in the resting heart rate; however heart rate increased for all participants with the obese group having a marked difference in the heart rate during exercise.

There has also been a study completed using the Chester step test (Roberts and Sykes, 2004) which is a simple but effective method of...
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