Effects of Ammonia and Vinegar on Radish Plants

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The Effects of Ammonia and Vinegar on Radish Plants


Plants are one of the most complex organisms; how they grow is very complex and it is important to see how they grow to even how they die. We first had to propose a question and test it to see if it was profound enough to test. Our group decided to see how different chemical substances affect radish plants, and which substance will kill the plant fastest. We planted 8 germinated radish seeds, then put ammonia in 2 of the plants, vinegar in 2 other plants, put both vinegar and ammonia in 2 other plants, and had the last 2 plants as our controls. We observed the plants in a period of 6 weeks, each week we added 1mL of each chemical to each of the plants and 30mL of water each week. We then recorded the data to help finalize a conclusion to our experiment. At the end of the experiment, it was concluded that the chemical ammonia kills radish plants faster than vinegar or both vinegar and ammonia together.

Radish plants usually grow in about three days if optimal conditions are kept. Optimal conditions for radish plants includes a soil whose pH is from 6 to 7. The soil has to be fine and not crumbly in order for the roots to grow. Also, they need at least 6 hours of sunlight and their soil should always be kept moist (GardenAdvice, 2007). In this experiment, 5% concentrated vinegar and 5% concentrated ammonia will be used on the radish plants in order to see which chemical kills the plants faster. It is hypothesized that ammonia will kill the radish plants faster than vinegar or both vinegar and ammonia combined. BACKGROUND INFO: AMMONIA

Ammonia is a chemical compound which is made up of nitrogen and hydrogen, the chemical formula for ammonia is NH3. This chemical is the foundation of most pharmaceuticals; some characteristics of ammonia are that the chemical has a repulsive odor; it is both a corrosive substance and a hazardous substance. We as humans use ammonia in many different ways including fertilizers, cleaners, fermentations, precursor for nitrogenous compounds. Some minor and emerging uses are fuel, remedies of gaseous THE EFFECTS OF AMMONIA AND VINEGAR ON RADISH PLANTS 3

emissions, reduce or eliminate contamination of beef, and a stimulant. Ammonia can be used as a fertilizer because when added to soil, it increases yields of crops. It can be used as a cleaner because ammonia results in a streak-free shine. Ammonia is also a precursor for nitrogenous compounds because all synthetic nitrogen compounds are derived from ammonia. Ammonia can be used in fermentation because it can adjust the source of nitrogen in microorganisms in the pH scale. This substance can be used as fuel because it is relatively similar to fossil fuels and evidence is that there is a rocket airplane X-15 which is powered by ammonia. It can be used as remedies of gaseous emissions because it eliminates SO2 from burning fossil fuels. Ammonia is a hazardous and dangerous compound but purposes useful ways to improve lives either economically or scientifically ("Chem 21 labs," ). BACKGROUND INFO: VINEGAR

Vinegar is a liquid substance made up of acetic acid and water, the chemical formula for vinegar is CH3COOH. Vinegar is very useful for almost any purpose, it has an acidic odor but it is as clear as water. Vinegar and ammonia are very similar in visual ways but scientifically they are on opposite sides. Vinegar is very acidic on the pH (2.4-3.4) scale while ammonia is very basic (11.5). Vinegar is primarily used in food preparation, and can be used in almost any kind of food ("What is vinegar," 2011). Vinegar also is medically useful, mainly in remedies and treatments. It can be used for soothing sunburn because it helps restore lost acidic levels in the skin...
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