Corn Experiment

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The effect of water and fertilizer on corn seedlings

Biology 1108 Lab Section
November 7, 2012
The effect of water and fertilizer on corn seedlings was examined. It was hypothesized before the experiment that enough water with sunlight and air should make the plants grow healthy. It has to do with photosynthesis. Fertilizer is also going to make the plants grow much faster; this is because of the nutrients in it. The experiment took about four to six weeks to complete; it took some days for the seed to germinate before planting. The corn was growing there were four different groups for they were the control, drought, fertilizer, and double water. There was enough sunlight and water for them all according to the groups. T-tests were taken to get the p-value and t value, the leaf area, height, and biomass were measured and were compared with each other to be able to get the results. At the end, the experiment turned out to be successful and came to a conclusion.

Plants need nutrients for their growth; this experiment was the growth of corn/maize. Photosynthesis plays a big role in plants, it is the way plants use light energy, water and carbon dioxide to make sugar, which is like a fuel to the plant. When light energy is changed to chemical energy, it forms glucose molecules, which are the building blocks of plant cells. A plant cannot grow without photosynthesis. “Plants are exposed to a wide variety of abiotic stresses, including excessive light, extreme temperatures, water stress, and atmospheric pollutants, which can directly or indirectly affect photosynthetic function.” (H.Gao et al 2011). Plant nutrient is also something important in plant growth, there are three primary nutrients that must be present in plants, and they are Phosphorus (P), Potassium (K), and Nitrogen (N). Phosphorus is essential because it promotes cell division, stimulant plant production and root development. Potassium helps with photosynthesis, seed development and disease resistance. Nitrogen is also essential for growth, healthy coloring of the plants (green) and also protein synthesis. These nutrients are all in agricultural fertilizers, and they have important influence on plant growth.

The control group is the main group to be compared with others. The control group is grown with adequate water and fertilizer. The second group the drought group is grown with reduced water and no fertilizer, the third group, fertilizer is grown with fertilizer and the fourth group the double water is grown with twice the amount of water of the normal water added to the control group. The double water group is the special group and the healthiest amongst the plants with enough water, photosynthesis. Water gives life to the plants and more nutrients. If the plants is under water stress (drought), the availability of nutrients in the plants would be affected, which is not good because plants need enough nutrients to grow (Farouk et al.2012). The control group versus the drought group the control group was healthier than the drought group because it had more water, with that it grew healthy. The control group versus the fertilizer group were the closely the same thing the difference is that they were planted with water and fertilizer. The control group and double water, the double water was twice the amount of water added to the control group. It was the best amongst the four groups.

The objective of the experiment is to know the influence of water and nutrients on the growth of corn seedlings, which is very important on the growth of plants, because it gives them more strength to grow, make them healthy. The control, fertilizer and double water group was Methods

In this experiment, 16 corn seeds were used and separated into 4 groups. The corn seeds were first of all germinated before planting by keeping them in a wet towel for some days. Water used to grow the plants was left overnight so that any chance of chlorine being...
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