Effects of Absent Fathers on Daughter

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Effects of Absent Fathers on Daughter

By | December 2012
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Effect of Absence of Fathers on Their Daughter
The traditional family dynamic of a father, mother and their children living in the same house is not as common as it once was. Today, it is now more prevalent that families are facing various struggles that cause children to grow up in single-parent homes. Death, divorce, or abandonment may all be reasons for the absence of a parent each having a negative effect on all members of the family. However, growing up in a single parent household has proved to be very difficult and often traumatic for children.

Daughters specifically are affected differently when their fathers are the absent parent of their home. The daughters can potentially experience behavioral and academic effects from living without and father in their lives. These effects can greatly alter the lives of the daughters. When considering the effects on the daughter, the reason for the father’s absence needs to be taken into consideration as well as the age of the daughter at the time of her father’s absence. A daughter who has suffered through the death of her father will acquire different effects than those who have lost their fathers through divorce or abandonment as she may feel her father did not willingly abandon her. The age of the daughter is an extremely important factor; whatever stage of development she was in when her father’s absence occurred could possibly be stunted. Considering the multiple variables of the daughters who have undergone the absence of a father is extremely important when studying the behavioral and academic effects because it can often help provide a meaning behind their actions. Behavioral Effects

Although behavior may partially form from genetics, environment has a major impact on the development of a child’s behavior. The behavior of s daughter who has an absent father is based on multiple factors. According to Krone and Bogan, the double parent job that the mother must be restricts the daughter...

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