Effectiveness of Long Lasting Insectide Nets (Llins) in Comparisons with Convetional Nets (Ctns) as a Measure for Malaria Control Muheza District

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LLINs- Long lasting insecticide nets
ITNs- Insecticide treated nets
NIMR- National Institute for Medical Research
WHO- World Health Organization
PMI- Presidential Malaria Initiative
NMCP-National Malaria Control Programme
LNs- Long Lasting Nets
RBM- Roll Back Malaria Programme
GFATM-Global Fund against AIDS, TB and Malaria
WHOPES- World Health Organisation Pesticide Evaluation Scheme SSA- Sub-Saharan Africa
TNVS- Tanzania National Voucher Scheme
CTNs- Conventional Treated Nets


The main objective of the study was to evaluate effectiveness of long lasting nets in comparison with conventional nets as a measure for malaria control. The study was guided by researcher questions: What is the efficacy performance of the nets in killing mosquitoes? What is the physical integrity and durability of netting materials? What is the durability of insecticide chemical in the net when washed? The study was conducted in Muheza district in Tanga. It adopted cross- sectional design and used structured questionnaires, interview and observation to collect primary data. Secondary data were obtained from reviewed related literatures. The study involved 60 households selected randomly simple random method was used to select respondents from the household and nets. Report presented using descriptive statistics: frequencies and percentages.

Findings indicate that 26.7% of respondents in the study were male while 73.3% were female and according to their professionals, 43.3% were farmers, business people 25%, students were 20% while others who did not stated their professional were only11.7%. The first question was what is the efficacy performance of the nets in killing mosquitoes? The result revealed that 30 of LLINs nets, 98.8% was recorded to be significantly higher than that of CTNs which was 85% hence LLINs performed higher than CTNs. The second question was: What is the physical integrity and durability of netting materials? The findings revealed that LLINs was more durable for 70% and integrity in its material rather than CTNs which was found with large holes (torn). Also the last question was: What is the durability of insecticide chemical in the net when washed? The result from the respondent revealed that CTNs had to be re-treated after three washes in a year because its chemical efficacy reduced when washed while LLINs retain its chemical efficacy for maximum of three years without being retreated even after being washed.

The general analysis, findings revealed that long lasting insecticide treated nets (LLINs) remained intact and insecticidal even after several washes compared to conventional treated nets which lost its efficacy after few number of washes, hence it was observed that LLINs are more effective in preventing people from malaria transmission especially to children due to its physical integrity material and efficacy of the chemical. It’s therefore recommended that LLINs still performed well above WHOPES thresholds in terms of killing mosquitoes.


An insecticide-treated net is a mosquito net that is treated with chemicals that repels disables /or kills mosquitoes coming into contact with netting material that is insecticidal treated. There are two categories of nets: conventionally treated nets and Long-Lasting Insecticidal Nets:

A conventionally treated net; is a mosquito net that has been treated by simply dipping them in a mixture of water and insecticides and allowing them to dry in a shady place in a WHO-recommended insecticide. To ensure its continued insecticidal effect, the net should be re-treated after...
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