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Topics: DDT, Pesticide, Malaria Pages: 2 (638 words) Published: March 26, 2012
DDT(dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane) is a very well-known synthetic pesticides. DDT was made in laboratory in 1873. In 1939, Dr. Paul Muller discovered the insecticidal properties that DDT causes. The Swiss chemist Paul Müller was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1948 f5or his discovery of the high efficiency of DDT as a poison against several arthropods.

DDT was also used in the second half of the World War 2, because it was against the mosquito that spread malaria and lice that carry typhus.

After the World War 2, people discovered that it could also be used for farming. DDT could terminate potato beetles, coddling moth, corn earworm, cotton bollworm and tobacco budworms.

Because DDT could be used for all these things, it was used a lot in The United States during the 1950s. At one point USA was producing 200 million pounds of DDT per year.

By the 1970s, Scientists began to get worried about DDT because it was causing environmental and health effects. In June 1972 the US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) cancelled all use of DDT on crops. Malaria cases started to increase again; it increased from 12% till 60% within years, that’s why it’s still permitted to be used in a few countries, mostly in Tropical countries.

DDT can’t get absorbed into water and so when it gets the blood it stays there, since blood is made up mostly of water. It can mix up with fat and since fat stays in the organism’s body for a long time the DDT will stay there for a long time. Since ddt stays in the body so long, it dies from the ddt and ddt becomes unbiodehradable, which means that ddt gets spread into the air once the gasses from the dead body are released and these gasses are inhaled by other animals and they get the disease.

Another way of spreading ddt is when an animal containing ddt gets eater by its predator, the predator will receive the ddt form and will spread in the blood and fat, as the ddt moves up a food chain it becomes more condensed and so the higher...
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