Effective Community Policing

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Community policing is an new philosophy of police operations and management. It is a change of the goals, operations and management, but not a change of the responsibilities of the police force. It is based on the concept that private citizens and police officers can work together to solve problems of the community related to crimes, fear of crimes, social and physical disorders and neighborhood decay. Grants or other resources funded the community program. This paper will take a look at the police departments across the nation who has started the program to see if their program has made a change for the good. This will also explore the thoughts of the community and the police officers concerning this program. It will show the results reported from the Surveys conducted by different departments. It will also explore the obstacle of getting the community and police to change the way we do things and accepting new ideas.

Community policing is a bringing police and citizens together in a partnership to prevent crime and solve problem, emphasizing the prevention of crime rather than the traditional policing method of responding to crime after it happens. This philosophy was seen to be a way to reduce future crimes problems. Community policing became a popular term between the police and the communities. The police agencies were given federal funding to provide substantial incentives and resources to adapt this philosophy. Philosophy of Community Policing

The concept that police and citizens working together in ways to help solve community problems related to crime, fear of crime, social and physical disorder requires that police departments develop a relationship with law abiding citizens in the communities ( Carter, D). This would change not only the police responsibilities but the management of the police force. Gianakis and Davis

“Reinventing or Repackaging Public Services? The Case of Community-Oriented Policing” was a report on how many police departments are quickly changing to the new method of community policing. They are being proactive instead of reactive to community problems. They address how this is changing the entire profession of policing. ( Gianakis and Davis) The main issue to this new method is that it was the opposite of the standard police department and community were set up to handle. In order to have an effective community policing the society must be ready and willing to cooperate with the police in stopping crime. To restructure of police force is inevitable to facilitate smooth integration between citizens and police. Reduction of Crime

Crime free areas are more popular among citizens but prices escalate for everyone aspires to live there. While reducing crime in areas attract communities and businesses, in a crime infested areas are deserted and have little to no development. Effectiveness of community policing is not clear about foot patrols and community watch programs. The lack of cooperation and misunderstanding is the biggest obstacle hindering the philosophy (MacDonald 2002 ). Strategies in Community Policing

The main goal is to enhance police and community partnership. The idea of problems solving is to aim at quality of life, crime and the reason for crimes. Many police are reluctant to change. Their attitude of change is the ineffective means of managing a police agency. Secondly, administrators have to implement the policy in their stations and train the officers thoroughly with feasible skills in the community. Some administrators are embezzling federal funds meant for improving the philosophy. Communities have started to lose faith with the police arguing that the money is used to hire officers who are doing little or nothing to fight crime. Concern of crime are a major issue for everyone. A strategic plan needs to be develop to change the guidelines for police services. Principles of Community Policing (Allender,D.M.)...
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