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Policing Policies
Cheryl D. Johnson
AJS 582
March 11, 2013
Rick Ferrell
University of Phoenix

Policing Policies

Community policing is a practice that been used since 1980s by The Department of Justice (Ferrei, 2009). The practice reduces fear and crime and gives citizens a sense of restoring order in the community. Community policing also help built a bond between the police and citizens. The police realize that community policing is effective if citizens interact with the police in community base programs and being effective in reporting criminal activities that has or currently taken place in the community. The police department will become an open system to the public. Community leaders and government officials will devise plan on reduce crime with a lasting solution to crime solving. The paper will discuss key issues in community policing and the key actor involved in the policy making, example of the policy and the effective and ineffective of community policing. Community Policing

The Department of Justice describes community policing as a philosophy in proving strategies in solving crimes and address issues that raises public safety involving the fear of crime and social disorder (Ferrei, 2009). Community policing is the beginning of an open dialogue to gain the community trust when investigating crime in the areas and being proactive in the community (Ferrei, 2009). Police officers also stress preventing crime early identification of hot spots and timely intervene in dealing with criminal issues before the issues become a major problem. If the community policing is effective in the community there will be a reduction in crime and the quality of life will improve in the neighborhood (Friedmann, 2013). Police officers are encouraged to spend significant time with the citizens, business, community organization, and schools to develop a personal relationship to resolve issues that is affecting the area (Friedmann, 2013).
How Community Policing Was Created
Sir Robert Peel (1788-1855) would be the person who started the first form of community policing in the 1800s. He believed that the people are the police and that the police officers (Bobbies) should walk the street to protect the people in the community (Gaffigan, 1996). Sir Robert Peel devised Nine Peelian Principles for his Bobbies in the 1800s that is still being used today in police department community policing programs (Gaffigan, 1996). Community policies were created as a way for the police and community leader to effectively providing the quality of life in the neighborhoods and promote public safety base on the community needs. No two neighborhood community policing could be the same because the need and the response to the program are different; however the basic need and consideration are the most common need for community policing in order for the program success (Gaffigan, 1994). Some community there will be barriers to break down in order for community policing to be effective because of the mistrust of police officers (Gaffigan, 1994). By forging a partnership with the police to resolve issues that formed barriers to be broken and build a solid relationship between the two groups (Gaffigan, 1994). Community policing takes some of the responsibility off the police officers as being the sole guardians of the law and order, and gives some order to members in the community (Gaffigan, 1994). In order for community policing to be effective it will require the understanding, energy, creativity, and patience for all those involved in the community policing program. The main objective of community policing is to have active participation of all those involved in the welfare of the neighborhood and willing to bear some of the responsibility of providing a safe community. The community will include schools, hospitals, churches, public and private agencies, civic and business leaders, and the local government that have a strong interested in...
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