Effective Communication & Public Speaking Skills

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We never learn anything- be it golf, French, or public speaking- by means of gradual improvement. We advance by sudden jerks and abrupt starts. Then we may remain stationary for weeks, or even lose some of the proficiency we have gained. Psychologists call these periods of stagnation “plateaus in the curve of learning”. We may strive for a long time and not be able to get off one of these “plateaus” and on to an upward again. We may get discouraged and abandon all our efforts. However if we persist and kept on practicing, we suddenly find and notice that we have made tremendous progress.

As has been rightly said “ Speech is the index of mind.” So present yourself and your mind impressively. one must try to gain command over effective communication and public speaking skills. Communication skills include power of expression, proper accent, factual knowledge of the matter and the reasoning ability. Good communicators are witty conversationalists. Their speech is forceful. Their arguments are convincing. They are assertive without offending anyone. Effective communication skills also include good persuasive skills. Persuasive skills mean skills to make people agree with you. It also means the ability to make people adapt to your line of thinking. Developing proper interpersonal relationship among his listeners or the group of communication is also a prerequisite for being a good communicator. Interpersonal relationship means the ability to interact with others. These skills display the person’s emotional maturity and balance. This skill helps to exhibit that you are more people centric rather than self-centric. There are few endowed or those who have inculcated the kind of human psychology that tolerates all kinds of unpredictable human behavior and succeed in hammering a consensus in his favor from a contradictory situation.

An effective public speaker is one
1.Who has the ability to make his listeners...
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