Effective Communication

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  • Published : February 12, 2013
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Effective Communication Paper

Jaiyash Autar


Michael Bell

Effective Communication

In today’s health care organizations there are different variety of structures and forms to achieve a greater improved patient care, productivity and goals. Each health care organization follows different organizational structures or models. Some common or traditional organizational structures are functional, divisional, and matrix structures and some nontraditional structures are teams, networks, and boundaryless organizations. All health care organization has a mixture of traditional, nontraditional, and new organizational model structures. This paper discusses how Lodi memorial hospital (LMH) is a matrix, team approach organizational model. This paper also discusses how LMH shares knowledge and how to formulate solutions to solve problems. This paper also addresses how effective and non-effective communication techniques are used for sharing information and ideas, how communication techniques might be applied or modifies in health care work environment, and how technology might also affect this process.

Lodi memorial hospital is a matrix organizational model in a sense that combines both functional and divisional structures. This allows the organization to combine the advantages of each structure and minimize the disadvantages. The advantages of the matrix structures is that it allows more cooperation, better customer service, improved problem-solving and improved strategic management. But there always disadvantages of this models. Some of the disadvantages are power struggles, priority confusion, tunnel vision and expense. Lodi memorial hospital has a great team structure. The team approach structure allows Lodi memorial hospital to share information effectively, improve problem-solving and create relations to improve performance and customer service.

Lodi memorial hospital has many communication techniques of sharing information and...
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