Effect of Video Game Violence on Adolescent Youth

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For decades, research has been conducted concerning the aggression in violent video games and its effects on adolescent youth. Video games in general are an interactive form of entertainment that has been known to improve skills in the areas of problem solving, focusing, and following instructions. For an industry that has grown from good to great considering the advancements in technology for over thirty years, people have become concerned as to the effects, if any, violent video games have on children’s behaviors, health, and overall social skills.

This research paper analyzes the effects violent video games have on adolescent youth. It also identifies the impact these games have on children, while suggesting alternatives and enhancing awareness of parents who permit their children to actively participate in this over rated entertainment. In depth research and investigated studies were used to obtain answers to the effects of video violence on children. The results show that violent behaviors occurred as a result of playing violent games.

The Effects of Violent Video Games on Children
The effects of violent video games on youth are a prominent topic. Considering ongoing advances in technology these games have turned automation into reality. For several years there has been major opposition in regards to both the pros and cons of video games and their effects on children, including aggression and moody behaviors. Recent research studies have shown proven methods that support the analogy that children are affected by violent video games and their overrated content. Because children devote a great deal of time into playing violent video games, this research will address the following questions: 1. What effects do violent video games have on children?

2. Are parents aware of what their children are playing? 3. What are alternatives to violent video games?
These are just a few questions that come to mind when considering the impact of violent video games on children. The research will show that children exposed to violent video games on a routine basis are more prone to violent behavior in their personal life. Review of Literature

The number of violent video games available has increased and their content in stores today has become more accessible and reached its peak in sales. Violent games have been known to lure players into a role, allowing them to play a devious character living in a scene where it is normal to make unethical decisions without consequence. For example, in “Manhunt”, players act as criminals who escaped death row. In “Grand Theft Auto: Vice City”, the players portray an ex-con attempting to find money misplaced in failed drug deals. Children that play these video games have developed fascination in robbing citizens, threatening jurors, and murdering prostitutes; the player robs citizens (Muir, 2004). Approximately 92 percent of adolescents age seventeen and younger engage in video games, with roughly 40 percent of the games on the market rated “M” for Mature (Worthy, 2005). Worthy states that “The National Institute on Media and Family’ reports in its video game report card that 87 percent of preteen and teenage boys play M-rated games and that 78 percent of the boys list an M-rate game as one of their favorites” (Worthy, 2005). There are many court cases related to video game violence that involve America’s youth. One is a case involving fourteen year old Michael Carneal, a boy, who executed three students, claiming that Carneal fired nine gunshots within a 20-second interval. Eight of the gunshots were “hits.” Three of the murders were “head and neck hits. This surpassed the military average for skilled “marksmanship.” This child had never shot a gun, but due to his fascination with PC games, had turned himself into a skilled “marksman” (Song & Anderson, 2001, P.3). Another terrifying case is the Columbine massacre. Muir states that, “April 1999,...
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