Effect of Study Habits on Academic Performance of High School Students

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Study Habits Survey

The purpose of this questionnaire is to help you get information about how well you study right now. As you examine the results, you will discover your areas of strength and of weakness. The results will have meaning only if you are honest and respond as accurately as possible. If the statement is true about you, circle Y for yes. If the statement is false as it applies to you, circle N for no. Be sure to circle Y or N for each statement. Answer carefully so that you get accurate information.

1.I have trouble finishing tests on timeYN1.
2.I set aside a regular time for studying every day.YN2. 3.Before I read a chapter, I turn headings into questions that I know
what I’m going to learn.YN3.
4.I don’t have much discipline following a definite study schedule.YN4. 5.I give up if an assignment is difficult.YN5.
6.I have difficulty determining important points in lectures.YN6. 7.Before class starts, I review yesterday’s lecture notes.YN7. 8.I waste time because I am not organized.YN8.
9.I focus entirely on my work when I study.YN9.
10.I feel uncomfortable reading a chapter unless I’ve read all the headings
and the summary first.YN10.
11.I don’t bother taking notes on lectures.YN11.
12.I get sleepy when I study.YN12.
13.I check my lecture notes to fill in my missed words soon after the lecture.YN13.
14.I seldom hear a lecture that is well organized.YN14. 15.I enjoy learning.YN15.
16.Before I begin an assignment, I estimate how long it will take me and
then try to beat the clock.YN16.
17.Before answering an essay question, I organize what I am going to write.YN17.
18.I have difficulty concentrating when I study.YN18. 19.Using lecture notes and the textbook, I can usually predict 50-60 Percent of the questions on a test.YN19.
20.I could get better grades.YN20.
21.I take time to study every day.YN21.
22.I try to record everything a teacher says in a lecture.YN22.

Study Habits continued

23.I set aside time every week to review for each subject.YN23. 24.Every time I study for a subject, I spend some time in review.YN24. 25.I’d rather get through fast than have perfect paper.YN25. 26.I usually lose points on my exams because of careless mistakes.YN26. 27.I usually seek a quiet place to study.YN27.

28.Before I leave class, I make sure that I know what homework to
do and how to do it.YN28.
29.I have a hard time getting interested in some of my subjectsYN29. 30.Good grades are important to me.YN30.
31.I stop to recite what I remember after reading each section in
a chapter.YN31.
32.I know what time of the day I do my best studying.YN32. 33.I study only when I feel like it.YN33.
34.I seldom read the questions at the end of the chapter before
I begin reading the chapter.YN34.
35.I often have trouble finding enough time to study.YN35. 36.I remember little of what I study.YN36.
37.I put off studying that I should be doing.YN37.
38.To remember better, I check main headings and the summary before
I read a chapter or article.YN38.
39.Tests make me so nervous that I can’t do my best.YN39. 40.I wait until the night before a test to review my lecture notes.YN40. 41.I listen carefully to a lecture but I do not take notes.YN41. 42.I take time to review the chapter soon after I read it.YN42. 43.I really “dig” in when I study.YN43.

44.Before starting a test, I plan how much time to use on each
section of the test.YN44.
45.I spend too much time on some subjects and not enough
on others.YN45.
46.I skip over...
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