Effect of Soda on Tooth Enamel

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  • Published : August 14, 2012
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Literature review

Soda is one of society’s favorite beverages. Each year, billions of gallons of soda are sold in the United States alone. Though it is popular with people of all age groups, many experts believe drinking soda may have serious health consequences. Some studies have shown a link between drinking soda and tooth decay and enamel erosion. However some people believe that many experiments are invalid due to the lack of certain factors such as saliva, oral hygiene, and other variables that help maintain healthy teeth (Bernardon J., Cunha, L., Nunes R., Morelli, E., 2011). This review will discuss the relationship between enamel erosion and soft drinks.

Numerous studies have shown that drinking soda contributes to enamel erosion. A study conducted by researchers at the University of Rochester Eastman Dental Center showed that soft drinks caused teeth to lose 84% of enamel hardness (Amin, A., Malmstrom, H, Ren Y., 2009). Another study has shown that soft drinks cause demineralization on enamel surfaces (Dincer B., Hazar S., Hakansen B., 2006). Numerous other studies have shown this and others have linked soda to others health problems as well.

The sugar content in soda has been cited for causing tooth decay and enamel erosion (John et al, 2011). However, the phosphoric acid in soda has been shown to erode tooth enamel. Studies have shown that many soft drinks have a ph of 2.8 while battery acid contains a ph of 1 (Ehlen L., Marshall T., Qian F., Warren J., Wefel J., 2008). This alone should be a cause for concern. As teeth can begin to dissolve after coming into contact with a substance of a ph 5.5 or below.

Interestingly, soda in the US is sweeter than soft drinks in the UK (Marshall T., Moynihan P., Murrel S., Qian F., Wefel J., 2009). The US has had more reported problems of tooth decay caused by soda than the UK. This correlation ca not be ignored. And while many drink diet soft drinks to avoid...
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