Effect of Marital Status on Health

Topics: Marriage, Nutrition Pages: 3 (753 words) Published: December 6, 2012
Name-Shubham Khunteta , Roll No.-10702, Assignment-1 Topic :: Effect of Marital Status on Health. 1) Question :- Is marital status associated with change in body weight? 2) Hypothesis :- Marriage is associated with small weight increase for both men and women. i.e. marriage can make us fat. 3) Variables :- i) Independent variable:-Marital status.

ii) Dependent variable:- Body weight.(indirectly we are pointing to health issue. Increasing fat is not good for health. ) 4) Intervening or explanatory variables:-

1. Married people are no longer trying to find a partner :- Many unmarried people watch their diets and stay in shape simply to attract a partner. Once a partner has been "secured" through marriage, they no longer feel the need to look their best and therefore discard many of the healthy lifestyle habits that kept their weight down. 2. Lack of physical activities after marriage :-

After marriage generally people have lot of responsibility. Men have to earn for their families and women have to do their homework. So they are less likely to do physical activities or to play games (physical) and to take part in sports than unmarried people. So their body become rich in fat. And they get increase in weight. 3. Married people become the family garbage disposal:-

Married people become responsible to their family. They can’t stand seeing uneaten food left on plates. As a result, many married people end up eating any unfinished food on their children or partners plate, not realizing how many extra and unnecessary calories they are consuming as a result. Any extra calories are stored as fat regardless of source. So unnecessary body weight increases...
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