Edvard Munch

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  • Published : February 22, 2013
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Edvard Munch
The Scream and The Sick Child

Edvard Munch was born in Norway in 1863 and became a troubled artist after he was influenced by many older impressionists. Most of his work is a reflection of impressionism and tells a story that is mostly dark or consist of death, illness, anxiety, pain, or fear. His paintings also are influenced by the heartache he endured as a child watching close family members die from sickness that he survived, such as, his sister and his mother who both became ill and died of tuberculosis. The darkness continued to haunt him throughout his life and influenced his paintings as well which in turn, created a very famous artist of impressionism and symbolism. Most of his work symbolized troubles, anxiety, and a loss in someway shape or form to include death, or psychological problems such as anxiety.(Wolf,2009) Munch used paintings that signify demons and bad times rather than the happy times in peoples lives which was different and accepted. One of Edvard Munch’s first and earliest paintings, sick child, is an early example of a painting that shows sadness, sickness, and possible death. The painting is of a young girl, munch’s sister, laying in a bed straight up and hovered over by another grienving womanly figure who’s head is bowed as to only show us the top of her head. The girl looks vaguely pale with bright red long uncombed hair and a blank stare on her face. The girl is staring at a dark wall that could signify death. The women hovered over her signifies grievance and pain seeing how she is not directly looking at the girl but rather sad and depressed. Hands are not drawn in the painting but an interlocking of shapes used to signify that joining of hands is greatly illustrated, perhaps, to indicate the woman at the bedside as being her mother who dies 11 years earlier. The painting of his sister who died at the age of 15 and his mother who died of the same disease a decade earlier is an obsessive painting that took Munch...
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