Frida Kahlo vs Antonio Vasquez

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  • Published : April 16, 2013
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The two pieces of art work that I will be comparing are the “Henry Ford Hospital” created by Frida Kahlo in 1932, alongside “El Parto” created by Antonio Vasquez Yojcom in 2007.I wanted to use these two pieces of art in particular because these two artists are Mexican, like me and I grew up analyzing the work of Frida Kahlo. I thought it would be interesting to compare these two great pieces of work that are from the same culture, but have a different style and purpose. The first piece I will analyze is Frida Kahlo’s “Henry Ford Hospital” that was her very first time painting on metal, in 1932 after a tragic event that occurred. On July 4th, 1932 Frida Kahlo suffered a miscarriage in the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit. In this disturbing work, Kahlo paints herself lying on her back in the bed after a tragic miscarriage she encountered. She is nude, and the sheets beneath her body are bloody and a large tear falls from her left eye. The bed and its sad inhabitant float in the abstract space circled by six images relating to the miscarriage. All of the images are tied to blood-red filaments that she holds towards her stomach, as if they were umbilical cords. The main image, besides Frida, in the center, is a perfectly formed male fetus which she named “Dieguito,” that she longed to have for so long, especially being the unborn son of the

love of her life. The Orchid on the bottom center was a gift from Diego Rivera, which was also an artist around this time and was with Frida as well. The snail on the upper right corner alludes to the slow paced miscarriage she had to go through. The salmon pink plaster female torso on the upper left corner was her idea of explaining the insides of a woman. The cruel looking machine on the bottom left corner was something she invented to explain the mechanical part of the whole procedure that she had to go through after the miscarriage. In the lower right corner is her fractured pelvis that made it impossible for her to have...
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