Edgar Allan Poe

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  • Published : April 17, 2013
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Mysterious Death of a Mystery Man
Death is an instance in which all vitals of the body have shut down, when life no longer remains in the body, and when something is declared dead. But, there is always something that causes this death whether old age, illness, tragedy, accidents, or suicide. In some cases, the cause of death is known soon after the passing or even before they have passed. In other cases, it takes quite some time to figure out exactly why life was lost. Then, there are those very few occasions that no exact cause is known and many assumptions are thrown around naming phony reasons of the death, when in the end, it will always be a mystery. This is exactly what has been done with the death of Edgar Allan Poe. Many have come up with different assumptions and accusations of Poe’s death, but none have been claimed to be the absolute positive explanation of it. John S. Craig writes, “His death in Baltimore, Maryland, October 7, 1849 has been surrounded by mystery form the very moment he was found unconscious in a Baltimore tavern a few days before he died in a hospital”( ? ). A few of the hypotheses are that Poe was an alcoholic, whose drinking led to his death, had medical problems and diseases that eventually caused his passing, and the Cooping Theory, which ended in him being severely beaten which led to his death a few days later. Poe’s death is a mystery that will never be completely solved.

Poe’s death could have occurred through some sort of alcoholism. Different forms of disaster, stress, and depression drove Poe to drink. During Virginia’s, Poe’s wife, long battle with different illnesses, Poe began to drink quite a bit to help cope with the stress that evolved from this tragedy. Madhavi Ghare writes, “On October 3, 1849, Edgar Allan Poe was found drunk and unconscious on the streets of Baltimore, in someone else’s clothes. He was taken to the Washington College Hospital, where he died four days later on October 7, 1849”...
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