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EDP416 Assessment Item 1 (External)

Type:Writing Task
Description:This item asks you to engage key socio-cultural concepts encountered in the first module of the unit. Part A asks you to define a chosen number of concepts from Module 1 and consider their implications for education. Part B asks you to describe a school-based, socio-cultural pedagogical situation or problem related to one of the chosen topics. Audience:Tutor

Length:1000-1200 words in total (Parts A and B)
Outcomes:1, 2 & 3
Weighting:40% (All four task elements are equally valued)
Posting Date:[See ‘Key Information at a Glance’ on Blackboard ‘Unit Details’ menu item]

Part A: Definition and Discussion of Unit Concepts

The following list contains the five topics covered in Module One of the unit. Under each topic is a number of related concepts.

You are asked to choose ONE (1) concept from three (3) different topics and, in an extended piece of writing of 250–300 words for each concept:

i) Define the concept as it has been introduced to you in the unit (via the unit textbook, CMD readings, and lectures)

ii) Discuss what you understand to be the main implications for education

A Guide for this assessment item has been prepared to assist you and is available on Blackboard.

Remember, for Part A you are only choosing ONE (1) concept from each of three different topics. This means you will be responding to a maximum of THREE (3) different concepts in total.

Concept:Social class
Concept:Individual ability
Concept:Cultural capital theory

References for consultation
Unit textbook and CMD references such as Germov (1998) and Henry (2000).

Concept:The (faulty and racist) science of race
Concept:Individual and institutional discrimination
Concept:Indigeneity and education

References for consultation
Unit textbook and...
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