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Article review is written to provide the reader with an overview of the selected literature and usually require a critique of the material. A novice in the area should be able to read your review and have a good understanding of what the reading is about and where it stands in relation to other literature in the field or subject area.

General background

You must always carefully read the assessment instructions as outlined by your lecturer/tutor in the course information book. The format and length of reviews can vary greatly from school to school. Some lecturers/tutors provide a format for you to follow, others do not.

Reviews vary in length from about 250 words to 1000 or more words and could be of a whole book or a single article or chapter. Some reviews will require you to make extensive comment on how they relate to other material written about the subject. Others will ask you to deal only with the material in the article under review.

This Learning Guide can only give general details to guide you in attempting this type of assessment. More precise information should be given in your assessment guidelines.

Writing an Article review

The first step in writing an article review is to carefully read and note the article to be reviewed. Without a thorough understanding of the content of the article, it will be difficult to write an effective review.

If you have difficulty with academic reading or note-taking please refer to the Learning Guides Effective Reading and Making Notes, available through the CLPD.

Article reviews will generally have a distinctive structure as outlined below:

→ Summary
→ Critique

Each section will have particular information in it. Read the assessment task very carefully to see if all of these sections are required and what exactly is expected in your particular review.

Introduction (about...
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