Educational Trip

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Educational trips are always fun. Not only it enables you to learn and appreciate your environment but also it brings bonding to your group. Our first stop during the educational tour last February 14, 2012 is in Central Bank of the Philippines. Here, I saw different kinds of coins which were made on different types of metalsI also learned that one of the reasons behind the changing of our current bills is its nationwide counterfeiting. . We also had a short film showing about the history and importance of money, and how hard it is to make money.

Reminiscing the past is one great way to rest ourselves. A great example for this is visiting a famous tourist spot in Intramuros, the Fort Santiago. It is known as a relaxing place where one can really feel what happened in the past for it is where kingdom of Rajah Suliman, chieftain of Manila of pre-Spanish era, once located; it’s reconstruction for Spanish conquistador by Miguel López de Legazpi; and the fortress where Rizal was imprisoned.

Next, we visited Intramuros where I saw Rizal’s footprints. I still tried to follow those metal footsteps, and as I went farther, I realized all his efforts just for freedom to reign in our poor country. I knew that with each step, are his hardships and dedication for the betterment of the future Filipinos— us. It was a unique experience walking in a historical venue where many not so good happened in the past for many lived and died there during the colonization times. Upon entering, the first thing that attracted my attention was the beautiful park. In the middle, there’s an oasis of spring water and palm trees. Old ruins, canons and guns also surround the big courtyard. On the left side from the entrance, there are war machines that were used in the World War II before. After crossing the channel, there’s a smaller courtyard, considered as one of the beautiful gardens in Manila, where one can peak the magnificent view of the Pasig...
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