Educational Problems in Egypt

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  • Published : May 5, 2013
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Teachers in Egypt become one of the major problems in the Egyptian educational system. Where teachers now are not like teachers in the past. As nowadays, teachers are taking low salaries especially in the government schools which lead to private lessons for extra income, all of this leads to decreasing in the Egyptian educational quality. For example, oozaries( December 2012) argues that “Low teaching salaries and inconsistent funding for the educational system by the government, all led to a decreasing educational quality mainly in the most essential and indispensable part of the educational system which is basic education, also it led many teachers to the road of private tutoring for extra income. Moreover, memorization rather than critical thinking was unwillingly encouraged through physical punishment in schools and homes.” This essay will seek to examine a number of explanations for the problem of teachers in the Egyptian educational system. It will be argued that teachers are the most basic problem in the Egyptian educational system.

One prime cause for the educational problems in Egypt is that the teachers have a very bad financial status from which these teachers taking a very low salary because if this salary compared with their work in classes it will be found that it is nothing. In fact of these circumstances, the teachers stops working and decided to makes a strike. According to Leila r.( 2012) “Teachers are demanding an increase in their salaries to LE4,000 instead of the current LE500, the 200 per cent reward incentives they were promised, in addition to the cancellation of the cadre proficiency exams in which teachers themselves are to be tested.” According to Rasha Ahmed, one teacher on strike, "since we began our protest, officials have been very evasive with us. Promises, promises without any fulfillment are all what we get.” (Cited in Leila r. 2012). The situation is getting worth because this leads a lot of teacher to the road of...
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