Education in the Middle East

Topics: Jordan, Middle East, Israel Pages: 2 (519 words) Published: December 7, 2011
The education strategy is the best way to open new market for the civilized nations, for Example England pulled troops from the Middle East in the 1950’s and 60’s, but kept all the middle east looking forward to go and get their education in England especially the ruling families, they had British Counsel in each and every country possible to pass their strategies through educational program which did very good for the British to introduce whatever they had on their agendas to these countries in a very smooth way, I think that they should’ve established their schools in the middle east to keep controlling what is going on through education, but the US were one step ahead of them, although the US should’ve have more appearance on educational level in that region, still the US have more appearance on professional training, governmental, and NGO’s.

The online education is not accepted in the Middle East yet for most of the countries, although some of the do, like for example the HK of Jordan just accepted it and accredited some of the online educational institutions in Jordan, which show that this small country have a very smart strategy in this field, Jordan is a country of 97000 Sq KM only, population of 5million people, but have 28 universities, a bigger number of community colleges, and 100% of the people read and right, most of them speaks English fluently. Jordan is on their way to be the educational center of the Middle East, every year they accept students from all over the Arab and Islamic world, they teach in Arabic and English, they have American Universities, European Universities, and Jordanian Universities giving graduate and undergraduate degrees, the capital Amman is becoming the capital of regional offices headquarter of Global companies taking the glow from Dubai. They used the educational strategy to enforce their presence in the region, and introduce themselves to the world as the educational center of the Middle East.

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