Education: Teacher and Pupils

Topics: Problem solving, Mathematics, Jean Piaget Pages: 17 (5491 words) Published: April 26, 2011
This chapter starts with the background to the study, the statement of the problem and the purpose of the study. It continues with research questions, limitation, and delimitation of the study and the organization of the study. Background of the Study

Mathematics is a very important subject just like any other subject because everyday life activities requires counting and simple calculations involving mathematical thinking. Mathematics deals with numbers comparing and computing. In modern use, it is termed as an abstract sign of quantity including geometry and arithmetic, algebra etc. The new edition of the Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary defines mathematics as the study of numbers shapes and spaces using reason and usually a special system of symbols and rules for organizing them. Many pupils in the basic school do not find mathematics as an interesting subject and for that matter they avoid it in any examination. During the researchers teaching practice program at Prampram Freeman Methodist School, the researcher realised that the pupils had problems with the addition of two, two-digit numbers. However, through observation and interaction with pupils’ and with the class teacher, it was found out that they lack the concept of simple calculation involving addition and subtraction. The researcher realizing that the basic two pupils of Prampram Freeman Basic School where she undertook her school attachment program were unable to add two, two-digit numbers without regrouping decided to investigate into the cause of the pupils’ inability to add two, two-digits numbers without regrouping and find possible ways of remedying the situation. Prampram is predominately a fishing community with some of the residents engaging in sand winning activities. Regrettably, Prampram is also a community where education is not given the needed attention it deserves by parents although teachers and the government are doing their best to raise the standard of education in the town. This is because parents are reluctant to provide their wards with the requisite teaching and learning materials. Statement of the Problem

Naturally, children learn better when they are engaged in activities such as playing, creativities, initiating acting and assuming leadership roles etc. These activities help them to develop their intellectual competence. On the other hand when the child is denied the environment in which he or she will lack in promoting his or her intellectual competence in handling basic materials. Most teachers intentionally ignore the use of both the real material and improvise materials (TLMs) regarding it as waste of time and unnecessary. The pupils’ participation is activities in teaching and learning is neglected. This situation has created an impression in the minds of these pupils who will eventually grow with the notion that mathematics is a difficult subject to learn which is not so therefore the researcher decided to investigate the cause of poor performance in solving mathematical problems involving two, two-digit numbers without regrouping and design and produce and an improvise material which will help improve the teaching and learning of two, two-digits numbers in addition in basic two. Purpose of the Study

The study is to determine how the improvise Diene’s block or multi-base block can be use to teach the topic addition of two, two-digit numbers without regrouping which involves exchange in mathematics. The researcher after discovering this problem with the pupils gave them another test but after realizing that the pupils’ performanced have still not improve, she decided to investigate into the cause in other to help of Freeman Basic two find lasting solution of the problems. Research Questions

The research questions are as follows:
1. How are the causes of the pupils’ inability to add two, two-digit numbers correctly? 2. How the Diene’s blocks be used to teach the addition of two, two-digit...
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