Education Sector in India

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A Report on

Education in India
Status and Opportunities

Status of Education in INDIA 
• • • • • Play School and Pre School Education Play School and Pre School Education Elementary Education Secondary Education Hi h Ed i Higher Education Vocational Education

Opportunities and Role for Private Players Opportunities and Role for Private Players • • • • Opportunities for Service Providers Public Private Partnership (PPP) Public Private Partnership (PPP) Support Services in Education Sector Indian Education Sector: A Snapshot

Status of Education in INDIA

Play School and Pre School Education 
Present Status
Lack of any regulatory mechanism for Play School – Pre School Segment   1 2 • P Population under the age group of  2‐6 years is 10‐11 Cr ( 9 ‐10 %) l i d h f 26 i 10 11 C ( 9 10 %) • Gross Enrolment Rate (GER)  in pre‐school segment is as low as 18% @ •

Current Trends Current Trends
Rising awareness about the significance of early education for child development  and maintaining high enrolment and retention rates in primary education • Majority of the Play School and Pre School market is concentrated in Urban Areas Majority of the Play School and Pre School market is concentrated in Urban Areas •

Market Size and Players
Organized pre school market is dominated by private players a few of them are  Kidzee, Eurokids, Treehouse  • The current urban market size is estimated to be Rs 6000 Cr  •

@ at government pre schools`

Source : Fortress Team Research

Elementary Education (Std I‐VIII)
Present Status The Positives ……
• Participation: Rapid improvement in enrollment  p p p rates, at least in primary schools 2 • Equity: Social disparity which was very high till  90’s has been reduced significantly. 3 Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) gets most of the credit  for the improvements in Elementary Education 

4 The Problem Areas ……..

• Drop out rates : 48 % in elementary Education (std I VIII) mainly because of socio economic reasons (std I‐ VIII) mainly because of socio‐economic reasons • Regional disparity: States like Bihar, UP are way  behind  in terms of GER, Drop outs.. ( Cont..) ( Cont..)

The Problem Areas ……. 
( Cont..)
5 • Infrastructure:  5 o Low PTR and teacher absenteeism o 24% Schools in India do not have  proper school building 6 o 8 % schools Lack drinking water    facilities

• Quality of Education: o Pratham’s ASER survey: 60% of  children aged 7 to 12 cannot read  a simple paragraph ( h d k (Pratham is a reputed NGO working   towards education in India)

Source: DISE, MHRD 

Overall Performance 
Aspects Gross enrolment ratio (GER) Drop out rates Teacher appointments h Teacher training Construction of school  buildings Construction of additional  classrooms % of Expenditure on  Education & Training of total   Budget Better Performing States Rajasthan, Delhi , Maharashtra,  Uttarakhand Kerala , Goa, Haryana, Himachal,  Andhra Pradesh, J&K, Orissa, UP dh d h Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Assam,  Tamil Nadu Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan Gujarat, Karnataka, Assam, AP Slow Performing States Bihar, Punjab, Haryana,  Nagaland Assam,  Bihar, Mizoram,  Meghalaya W.Bengal, MP l Bihar, Maharashtra, Arunachal  Pradesh W. Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand Chattisgarh, UP, Manipur

Assam, Maharashtra, Bihar Delhi

J&K, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh

Source : Fortress Team Research, DISE, MHRD and Presentation by Mr. Amit Kaushik  UNDP Workshop on MDGs And Human Development Lucknow 2006

Secondary Education (Std IX‐XII)
Success of SSA has resulted in a pull effect on Secondary Education System Secondary Education is an important foundation for vocational / higher education Hence expansion of Secondary Education is important for the development of any Nation The problem areas …..

Financing: While India has pursued the drive 


2000 the share of investment financing for  (grades 9 and 10), the gross enrollment rate (GER) secondary education has declined significantly.  y g y is...
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