Education Plan

Topics: Facial expression, Nonverbal communication, Emotion Pages: 17 (5955 words) Published: February 11, 2013
A Education Plan

I am going to a beauty school here in Portland for 12 months. I’ll be graduating from Beau Monde College of Hair Design. I am going to become a hair designer and begin in little hair shops as I build my client list to become my own boss and make a business of my own. I am starting college in September 2013. I am looking forward to being apart of Beau Monde community.

I have completed a course at Beau Monde College of Hair Design on 5/5/12. The program I attended taught be the basics of Nail Technology, Esthetics, and Hair design. Going through the program and being in a salon/college environment with hands-on experience has only made my desire for Hair design even stronger. Their teaching style is set for someone whose brain works similar to mine. It’s a flexible way of learning and I enjoyed the time being at the college.

In high school I have taken college level class, including child development. I wanted to learn more about how their brain functions and their abilities. Because of this informative class I have the experience and knowledge about children, which will benefit me in the future when cutting a child’s hair. Children may be difficult to understand but if you understand their comprehension level it will become easier for you both.

I've been studying visual art for 4+ years and it has been a very beneficial experience. I have learned much in visual art classes that I will be using Constantly when I’m a hairdresser. The color wheel, blending, contrast, layers, respect, and being at a state of mind where your most creativity will burst into unique artwork.

Project proposal

Face expression is important in the human society. Watching someones face expression is interesting to me. It is a form of communication, it shows inner emotions and even secrets hidden within. Face expression can mean the opposite of what is being said or prove your telling the truth. This type of communication is used in every society around the globe, it’s a natural reaction. Learning this topic will help me in the long run. It will improve me within my career, and even in daily tasks. Knowing what to look for, and understand this type of communication. I am going into hair design and will need to build my own client list. If I understand their face expressions and figure out key tips then I will become more successful at communication. Knowing the clients mood will help me determine my approach. The topics I bring up will change their expressions as they think to themselves, so i don’t cross a line and so they feel comfortable. Noticing in my past, the little mistakes I have made in conversations I know now how I could of avoided uncomfortable situations by tweaking my wording a bit differently when I noticed a negative or uncertain expression they gave. This research project has definitely challenged me. I have a busy life. I have a job, schoolwork, college work, and financial stress and this is only adding negative stress. Being independent, focusing on school, getting ready for my future, taking care of myself, and supporting myself comes with life, so does stress. Time isn’t my best, it’s an enemy of mine but I’ve learned to live with it because of similar situations that can relate to this mandatory project. This project has pulled me away from other schoolwork. Because of this huge burden, along with family issues, I have not been able to balance my schoolwork evenly as possible. It costs me my time away from the most important thing, the things that actually matter. Because I’m going to be a hair designer I will need to fully understand my clients. Do they honestly like their hair? What is their personality like? Will they’re desired hairstyle suit them? How do they feel about some topics that might come up in our conversations? Are they comfortable with me? This is just an added skill to my life that will benefit me personally as well. I like to take, I don’t like secrets. What isn’t better than...
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