My Educational Plan

Topics: Bachelor of Science, Week-day names, Bachelor's degree Pages: 1 (326 words) Published: September 1, 2012
Minnie Lindsay
August 1, 2012
COL 105 I01

My Educational Plan

I am currently enrolled in college trying to earn a certification to become a licensed medical assistant. But my dream is to become a FBI agent. I plan to obtain practical grounds for criminal engender and extremity on government officials. I would anticipate counter terrorism, kidnapping, extortion, and interstate criminal activities. I plan to earn my certification by December 2013, and I plan to earn my Associate of arts degree by May of 2016 but there are some short term goals that I have to achieve in order to do so. The short term goals are receiving a B in RDG 32 by August 1, achieve an A in RDG 13 by July 31, learning how to comprehend and understand all information I obtain, achieve an A in COL 105 by August 1, and time management. Once I get into the medical field and become established I plan to go back to school in pursuit of a Bachelor of Science degree. With this I would be a step closer to my dream of becoming a FBI agent. The only obstacle I feel that would interfere with me achieving my goals that are in order is I. Time management is the essential key to becoming successful. You have to learn how to balance your profession as well as your education. Remaining goal-oriented is the primary focus to get the tasks done that are in place in a timely manner. In Fall, I will be taking Math 100-A02 from Monday-Thursday 8am-9:10am, ENG 100-A04 from Monday & Wednesday 9:35am-11am, RDG 100-A07 from Tuesday & Thursday 11:10am-12:35pm AHS 102 A14 from Monday & Wednesday 12:45pm-2:10pm, AHS 131 A52 from Monday & Wednesday 7:35pm-9:00pm, BIO 110 A61 from Tuesday & Thursday 6:00pm- 7:25pm, and BIO 20 A01 from Tuesday & Thursday 2:20pm-3:45pm.
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