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  • Published : January 17, 2013
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CANING AS A SOLUTION By : Luqman Rohaizat (5 Omega 2009) At first thought, caning may seem like an inhumane punishment for students, who are not yet fully matured in their thinking, and are still learning along the way. “It just hurts them, physically and emotionally, without doing anything else” I hear concerned parents say. But then again, is there a more effective way to punish and control students? Moreover, nowadays there seems to be a noticeable rise in disciplinary problems involving students in schools nationwide. We need to find an explanation for this rise in disciplinary problems, in order to find the ideal solution for the problem. By my knowledge, we can clearly relate the rise in disciplinary problems with the withdrawal of caning, or any sort of physically inflicted pain, as a punishment for students. What I mean is, when students don’t get punished, they will get into more trouble in the future. Based on this, I fully agree that caning is an effective way to punish students. This is where caning can be part of the solution. Please, let me explain. Students get into trouble because it is their nature to make lots of mistakes and learn through them. Yes, they learn new and important things in life through mistakes. It is okay to make one or two mistakes once in a while, but when a student gets into trouble, or keeps repeating the same mistakes one too many times, this indicates a problem. Maybe the student does not realize that he is causing trouble, or hurting other people. For all we know he might even be enjoying causing trouble. If this student is not punished, he is certain to do more harm again, and this is not good for everybody. As a solution, caning will make the student realize that what he is doing is wrong, and that he should never make this mistake again. As you can see, caning becomes part of the long-term solution to shape a student’s thinking pattern, for the benefit of himself. Another thing to consider is that because of the...
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