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Why edmodo?
• This is a blog for educators only. It is a safe blog that can only be accessed with a password; therefore, teachers have total control over who is allowed into a group and what is posted. • Students DO NOT need an e-mail account to use edmodo. • Great opportunity for teachers to educate students about internet etiquette and what is appropriate content for class.

Ways to use edmodo in the classroom:
• Have students enroll in your class (group) and use the locker feature to store (upload) files such as PowerPoint projects or word documents. • Let students post questions about assignments that can be answered by you or fellow classmates (consider giving points to students who help classmates out online). • Go green -- have students post links to articles and websites for assignments instead of printing out information, or have students write short responses to questions, discussion starters, or lesson topics. • Upload assignment instructions, handouts, PowerPoints, and links for students to check out at home. • Share ideas and tips with fellow teachers. (

• Set up your e-mail so that you will be notified when a student posts a question, reply, link, or assignment. • Set up alerts (e.g. “Test this Friday!”) or calendar announcements. • Even post a grade or feedback to an assignment.

Getting started with edmodo

1. Go to www.edmodo.com

2. Register as a teacher with a username and password that you can remember! (

3. Go to settings and complete information. You can browse and upload a picture later. All the elements in Settings can be edited later.

4. Join our SHS Teachers & Tech group (see left side of page).

The code to access the group is: szt871

5. Post a quick reply to the message that says, “Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!”

6. Create your own group (possibly one of your classes). After you create this group, you should soon get a blog posting with the access code.

7. Try the locker feature by browsing for a document, naming it, and clicking the “Store in Locker” gray button.

For more info/assistance contact me @ jennifersmith.swest.k12.in.us.

Edmodo - Free Microblogging Site for Educators

by Thomas
Over the past few weeks we have noticed that a new microblogging site for teachers has been garnering a great deal of interest. Edmodo represents the blood and sweat of Jeff O’Hara and Nic Borg, two techies who work in the field of education. As has been my experience, even though teaching is a full-time job most who work in the profession take on additional school-related responsibilities, whether it be monitoring student organizations or updating district curriculum. Most do so even though there is no extra pay and the additional work adds countless hours to an already busy schedule.

[pic]So it was no surprise to find two young men, each with full time jobs, going beyond the call of duty to try to create a meaningful tool for teachers. However, we were even more impressed than usual as these two individuals were seeking to make their work available to educators beyond their home district, and doing so at no cost to users. These two men have to be onto something since Edmodo has been featured on several tech-oriented sites including SomewhatFrank, Teach 42, and Reflection 2.0. So we spent some time talking with Jeff to learn about their work especially the rationale for building a microblogging platform for educators. We present our information below in our traditional, unedited question and answer format. Can you give our readers a brief summary of you and your partner Nic Borg’s backgrounds and how the two of you came to collaborate on the creation of Edmodo? Both Nic & my backgrounds are primarily in the technology side of education.  Nic just graduated from Northern Illinois University with a degree in Computer Science but he has been working at Kaneland High School...
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