Editorial Analysis

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Editorial Analysis

1. An Argument is Addressed to a Specific Audience at a Particular Time
Recently two farms in Iowa had to perform a massive recall in eggs due to a salmonella poisoning from contaminated feed. The poisoning has caused the two companies to recall more than half a billion eggs, and has made about 1,500 people ill. Now, the companies are claiming that they are committed to safety and that it is up to the consumer of the eggs to fully cook the eggs before eating. This argument is addressed to egg consumers raising awareness that farm CEO’s are overlooking safety procedures due to their cost. The editorial addresses the FDA of having a poor history of inspecting food providers, and ignoring what they find. Anyone purchasing not only eggs but food from normally trusted farms is included in the editorials audience portion. Argument Wants Something From Its Audience

This article does not specially call its audience to action, however it does raise awareness in its readers. The article reminds its readers of other slip-up’s from the FDA’s poor inspection quality and limited action to reduce the occurrences of poisoning. The article suggests that broader vaccination of chickens would help the issue as well as a food safety bill.

An Argument Gives Its Audience Reasons for What it Wants
Brought up in the article are several other examples of overlooked issues causing harm on citizens due to financial cutbacks or careless inspection. The explosion of a well in the Gulf of Mexico killing 11, an explosion of another mine in West Virginia killing 29, and the Peanut Corp. of America killing nine and sickening 700 are all reasons for the audience to be aware of what is happening in “trusted” companies and for action to be taken within the FDA and the companies themselves regarding safety. Not All the Reasons Are Stated Openly

The writer here assumes that the reader has been following the recent poisonings and harm to citizens due to poor...
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