Ecuadorean Valentine Roses

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Case: Ecuadorean Valentine Roses

Question 4:

Do you think governments in the developed world should place trade sanctions on Ecuador roses if reports of health issues among Ecuadorean rose workers are verified? What else might they do to improve the situation in Ecuador?


Government of Ecuador should take all necessary steps for the development of Rose industry because it becomes growing and profitable industry. Ecuador’s Rose industry helps to created lots of development in that country. It generates huge amount of sales, helps to employ large number of people and so increment in Gross national income per capita, revenues and taxes from rose growers helped to pave roads, build schools, and construct sophisticated irrigation systems. Ecuador’s Rose become famous worldwide and became the fourth large producers of roses all over the world. So, considering the international ethical issue international consumers want stronger sanctions. Consumers have right to know the ins and outs of the product they use so from my point of view government of developed countries can place trade sanctions though it will make the trade process difficult between Ecuador and other countries. Not only health of employees issues are concerned but also other issues like use of chemical, violation of labor law are involved there. Consumer’s satisfaction is the ultimate destination for the industry and target customers want full appreciation of the product Rose when they gift it to their beloved.So as per consume requirement government of that country can impose trade sanctions and ultimately they will increase the value of the product and make high belief in the products and which obviously increase the sale volume for the organization who are doing business in the ethical way properly.

Some other steps can be taken to improve the situation in Ecuador that are described below:

1. As critics acknowledged that that the reports against Rose growers are made by lack...
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